People sometimes send me Asks wanting writing advice. I suck at it. I don’t really know how I do the writing, or how one should do the writing, or what one should do to get better at the writing. All I can ever think to say is “write a lot of stuff and you will get better at the…

This is good advice I’m going to try it!



Amon is truly one of my favorite antagonists on TV. No inane laughter, devilish smirks, violent outbursts…none of the cliché’s that we’ve all grown tired of. Amon was uncharted waters and wide open creatively. I wanted his music to be calm yet unstable, to withhold and be restrained but disturbing. I imagined it would hint at what’s underneath and avoid anything to obvious or overt. 

To capture Amon - extremely intelligent and in control - I chose a non-traditional approach. I used the audio programming language SuperCollider to write a generative, algorithmic musical tool. All the bell-like sounds of Amon’s theme are processed pitch percussion created semi-randomly using a set of parameters for pitch sets, rhythms, and instrument.

Every time the code is run, it creates something different from the previous time is was used. Computer manipulated brass, the generative pitched percussion and dissonant string textures make up the instrumentation. In addition to the use of the computer, Amon’s theme is non-traditional in that there isn’t a melody. Since Bryan and Mike avoided cliché’s in creating Amon, I felt it was only fair for me to attempt to do the same. Hopefully I succeeded, or at least came up with something fittingly creepy with a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’. 

- Jeremy Zuckerman on creating Amon’s Theme [x]

Amon rules!